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    Restricted Item

    International Air Transport Association (IATA) Restricted Items

    Goods should not to be transport:

    Flammable substance,  Explosive material,  Gold & Silver,  Coin,  Dust,  Cyanide,  Precipitate/Solid Sediment,  Natural lumps of gold,  silver and white gold (without casting),  Costly Gemstone & Jewelry,  National Currency,  Circulation of Securities,  Cheque,  Bonds,  Certificate,  Stamp/Chop,  Cheque book,  Bank draft,  Traveler's cheque,  Antiques relic, Art piece,  Livestock,  Plant,  Drug,  Pharmaceuticals,  White spirit,  Firearm,  Tabacco,  Food,  and International Air Transport Association (IATA) restricted items or perishable goods.

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